Skin Care Set B (S$138.00)

✅ Set-B | Skin Care Set

❤️ For those who want to get rid of Freckles

❤️ တင်းတိပ်တွေကို ဖယ်ရှားပစ်ချင်သော သူတို့အတွက်

Brand: Magic

Original Set Price: SGD 148.00

Discounted Set Price: SGD 138.00

Discounted Set Price: MMK 110,000

Including 5 items in this Skin Care Set (B):

  • 💎 Facial Cleanser (100g) - original Price: S$22.00 (Find out more here)
  • 💎 Moisturizing Toner (100ml) - original Price: S$28.00 (Find out more here)
  • 💎 Shining Essence (30ml) - original Price: S$33.00 (Find out more here)
  • 💎 Emulsion SPF30 (60ml) - original Price: S$32.00 (Find out more here)
  • 💎 Night Cream (Sleeping Mask, 50g) - original Price: S$33.00 (Find out more here)

Checkout with Singapore Dollar : SGD 138.00

Checkout with KBZPay Myanmar Kyat : MMK 110,000


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