Today CBM Foreign Exchange Rates (16 August 2018)

August 16, 2018.

Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM)
Reference Foreign Exchange Rates

16-8-2018ValueRate (MMK)Change %
USDUS Dollar 1 USD 1498 +1.56%
EUREuro 1 EUR 1700.2 +1.61%
SGDSingapore Dollar 1 SGD 1086 +1.49%
MYR Malaysian Ringgit 1 MYR 364.97+1.41%
CNY Chinese Yuan 1 CNY 216.01 +0.82%
THB Thai Baht 1 THB 44.958 +1.54%
BDT Bangladesh Taka 1 BDT 17.728 +1.56%
INR Indian Rupee 1 INR 21.425+1.62%

* The reference foreign exchange rate of CBM is published for reference purpose only.
* The value of the Myanmar Kyat (MMK) is determined by market demand and supply conditions and will vary accordingly.
* The rates herewith are refer to: Central Bank of Myanmar:
* If you have any corrections then please mail to:


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