Today Money Changers Forex Quotes (8 September 2013)

September 8, 2013.

Myanmar Banks & Authorized Money Changer Centers
Counters Forex Exchange Quotes
WK Authorized Money Changer Counter (1):
27, Thukhawaddy Street, Yankin, Yangon. (Near Sedona Hotel)
Ph: (01) 09-420086345
WK Authorized Money Changer Counter (2):
39, Bo Sein Hman Street, Yangon.
Ph: (01) 09-73028773

AGD Bank - Exchange Counters:

CB Bank - Exchange Counters:

AYA Bank - Exchange Counters:

KBZ Bank - Exchange Counters:

UAB Bank - Exchange Counters:

Top Shine - Money Exchange Counter:
193/7, 29th Street, Between 83rd x 84th Street,
Mandalay, Myanmar.
Tel : 011201155

TOP SHINE - Counter [01:20PM, 8-9-2013]
InstrumentSellBuyChange %
USDUSD MMKMMK 967 972 0%
EUREUR MMKMMK 1280 1300 0%
SGDSGD MMKMMK 755 765 0%

*The times herewith stated are based on Myanmar local time zone (UTC+06:30).

*The forex quotes from herewith stated money changers are "(SELL Rates) You SELL to FX counters & (BUY Rates) You BUY from FX counters" and the rates can vary a lot without prior notice you and for the best exchange rates, so we recommend you shop around. If you have any corrections, then mail to "" or visit ""
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