Today Market Rates (07 March 2012)

March 7, 2012.

Tabaung Full Moon Day of Myanmar - Today, March 7 is Myanmar Public Holiday.

From Singapore (SG PNSL Market Zone) to YGN,
1 SGD: 638 Ks @02:30PM, SG PNSL Plaza - M D L Shop
1 SGD: 638 Ks @02:30PM, SG - A Star Online

YGN OPEN Market Zone @YGN Time-12:30PM
| Market Closed |

YGN CLOSE Market Zone @YGN Time - 3:00PM
| Market Closed |

The rates may vary (+ / -) from time to time, depending on exchange amount, various market dealers and they are based on information supplied by leading market data contributors, SG PNSL - Myanmar Shops and YGN - eTm media broadcasting.


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