Predict Myanmar Gold Price

World Gold Price x 0.53333 x 1USD (You Buy) Rate from YGN

Formula Reference Based: Commerce Dept.& Central Bank of Myanmar

Or, if you like to be based on another estimate-formula as follow:

Above shown in Live Gold Online Tool,
Key in which; Gold weight (grams): " 1 "
Chosen in which; Purity (karats): " 24K "
(Myanmar Gold 1 Tical "99.9% purity" related to 24-karat Gold Bar as a standard)
Calculate in which; Gold(24K) Fair Market Value: "USD" in 1 Gram
For example; "$42" as of 2 Aug 2013
(Myanmar gold 1 Tical: 16.606 gram)
Current 24K Gold price(in tical) in USD = $ 42/gram x 16.606 = US$ 697.452 / tical
Current Exchange rate 1 USD = 979 MMK (as of 2 Aug 2013, TPMCC)
Estimated-Current 24K Gold price(in tical) in Myanmar Kyat = US$ 697.452 / tical x 979 MMK = 682,805 MMK / tical
*24 Karat gold = Myanmar 1 tical (16`) gold (99.9%) Purity
*22 Karat gold = Myanmar 1 tical (15`) gold (93.75%) Purity
*21 Karat gold = Myanmar 1 tical (14`) gold (87.5%) Purity
* Approximated - Karat to tical conversions only and if you have any corrections then please mail to:

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