An upswing of Myanmar´s Real Estate

A Para-mounting pressure of industrial and commercial investments in Myanmar serves as the strongest force behind the current upswing of real estate price in Myanmar. A significant amount of external investors are searching for proper Myanmar Real Estate in order to have spaces for their offices, industrial uses and residential areas for their expatriates as well as local employees. That has been compounded by the fact that government allows the foreign investors to legally lease the lands either from private sources or from the government., the most useful Burmese real estate platform so far, offers a statistic insight into the details of Myanmar Real Estate. Its various listings show that, for example, the average range of the monthly rental price of condo, range from US$ 1000 to US$ 6700. Likewise, indicates that the buying prices of Condo can vary from US$85,000 to US$650,000 at the moment. Regardless of these super-high prices, the real estate experts presume that the main city will need 800,000 square meter more of office spaces in order to satisfy the need of external investors coming and establishing businesses in Myanmar.