Today Trade Market Rates (Second Half of 5 May 2015)

May 5, 2015.

Myanmar Market-Data Centre
Myanmar Forex Markets & Gold Prices Information
Second Half Day (PM)
The rates shown in this post may vary to you at the point of transaction or from time to time or depending on your exchange amount or the various market brokers and they are based on information supplied by leading market data services such as SG PNSL (Remittance Agents) and YGN eTrade service.

For the best exchange rate, you will need to approach a foreign currency broker who gives you access to highly competitive exchange rate at the time. The times herewith stated are based on Myanmar local time zone (UTC+06:30).

The details expressed within this website and accompanying documents or transmissions are for information purposes only and are not intended as a solicitation for funds or a recommendation to trade. accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damages suffered through any act or omission taken as a result of reading or interpreting any of the information contained or related to this site. If you have corrections then please mail to: and visit to:

Myanmar Forex Markets & Gold Prices
@ about 03:30PM (Myanmar Local Time Zone)
USD/MMK 994 995 -0.1%
USD/MMK (Earning) 1002 1003-0.1%
Transfer SGD from Yangon to Singapore 795 MMK 0%
Myawaddy Money Changer (100 MMK) 3.25
Maungdaw Money Changer (10000 MMK) 1245 BDT 1250 BDT 0%
657,200 -0.05%
Mandalay-Gold (MMK/Tical) 656,500 -0.03%
1232 +0.08%

Myanmar Forex Markets & Gold Prices
@ about 02:30PM (Myanmar Local Time Zone)
USD/MMK 1091 1093 0%
USD/MMK (Earning) 1095 1097 +0.09%
Transfer SGD from Yangon to Singapore 830 MMK 0%
Muse Money Changer
(100 MMK)
Myawaddy Money Changer (100 MMK) 2.985 THB 2.975 THB -0.17%
Maungdaw Money Changer (10000 MMK) 1360 BDT 1365 BDT 0%
689,000 +0.15%
Mandalay-Gold (MMK/Tical) 688,600 0%
1188 +0.08%

Myanmar Forex Markets & Gold Prices
@ about 01:30PM (Myanmar Local Time Zone)
USD/MMK 1092 1093 0%
USD/MMK (Earning) 1095 1096 0%
688,000 0%
688,600 +0.04%
1187 0%

Sending Singapore Dollar to Yangon from Singapore
@ about 04:30PM (Singapore Local Time Zone)
SGD (Transfer) 812 MMK @ SG PNSL PLaza, Shop (^)

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